Líder de Customer Success @ Samba Tech

Customer Success is the future of business relations. If you want your business to grow, have low churn rates and a high lifetime value you should invest in CS – and beyond being the successful company with successful customers, why not delighting them just like Disneyland? Every company has to have a personality, we are in the h2h era, human to human. Make your company be the person you want to do business with.
————–+ 2+ years of experience in Customer Success;
+ 2+ years of experience in SaaS and B2B ventures;
+ 1-year experience as speaker on Customer Success, Customer Delight, Customer Experience, and Business Culture;
+ Orchestrated the restructuring process of the Post-Sales area into the Customer Success team;
+ Participates actively in marketing lead qualification, sales closing, and support processes;
+ Follows churn and NPS KPIs;
+ Elaborates powerful churn reports that lead into studies such as Great and Bad Fit Customers, and Flaws and Improvement Points;
+ Customer delight specialist.